Friday, April 24, 2009

Non EU Holiday Destinations - Home or Abroad?

Recent statistics reveal that UK caravan holidays are surging in number as people are less willing to splash out on extravagant foreign holidays - people are returning to the classic British holiday culture of the 70's and 80's. Caravan sites and caravans themselves are also becoming better equipped, with better facilities. UK caravan holidays are therefore taking off - and as the economy continues to slump we can only predict that they will continue to grow in popularity. There are many great caravan sites across the UK as well so you are never far away from one, of course it is up to you whether you travel 20 miles for your holiday, or 200.

So it would appear from recent statistics that both holiday destinations outside the EU, which do not use the Euro, as well as domestic holidays such as caravanning, are soaring in popularity. Non EU holidays to places such as Turkey and Eastern Europe are cheaper as they do not use the Euro, which at present is very strong against the pound, causing expensive holidays.

At the same time cheap UK holidays are becoming the 1st choice for many tourists. Foreign European holiday destinations are losing out - places such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and France - places that were once alot cheaper than England but now are just as pricey, making it hard to justify spending hundreds of pounds more than a cheap and cheerful holiday at home.

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