Thursday, April 2, 2009

Non EU Holiday Destinations: Switzerland, Europe

All this talk of global economic meltdown shows no sign of slowing down - people are starting to become much more careful with their money, and rightly so. Car companies are falling like skittles around the world, as are our trusted banks. Because they all decided to go to the Bahamas for their Christmas party and put it on expenses, along with a few dozen crates of champagne and several more strippers apparently. Which has all left you and I with empty wallets and empty suitcases as a result - people are cutting back on their holiday expenses. I told you earlier more people were packing their bags for Turkey than Spain because of the cheaper cost., as it is a non EU holiday destination. So where else can we go that is relatively close and not ridiculously expensive with the Euro?

Well, not Switzerland. It doesn't use the Euro but unfortunately most things are still very expensive in Switzerland despite this. However, despite the high cost of goods, it is a very good holiday destination - especially if you're after a spot of skiing. The Swiss Alps in the Southern side of the country are famous for their sublime snow and as a result draw skiers from all around the world. Again probably not the kind of holiday you are looking for if you're on a tight budget but if you've just received your Brucey bonus at work then I would highly recommend it.

Aside from the skiing, Switzerland has much more to offer. Zurich is one of the top tourist destinations of Switzerland, and is regularly classed as one of the best cities to live in in terms of quality of life - praise indeed. It is also the largest city in the country, but is not the capital, Bern takes this accolade but is more a political centre rather than a tourist hotspot. Zurich is definitely a city worth a visit, there is alot to do including a rich historical background. Switzerland is very seasonal so if you want warm weather go in June to September - temperatures average around 23-23 degrees celcius in July and August. In the winter temperatures plummit to zero - and colder if you are enjoying your skiing in the mountains.

Switzerland is definitely a country worth a visit and is probably one of the best holiday destinations in the world if you are into your skiing. Unfortunately it is not cheap but this is for a reason - it is a country that oozes sophistication and as a result I've heard Barclays are planning to go here for their next Christmas party.

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