Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Best Holiday Destinations for Familes and Kids

Choosing the perfect holiday destination can be hard when you've got kids. Especially when everyone wants different things from your holiday. Dad wants some exciting watersports, mum wants somewhere with relaxing walks through the woods or along the sea, and the kids want somewhere with activities like football and swimming, as well as somewhere they can build sand castles of course.

So what are the best holiday destinations for families? Well, it depends of course on what you are after but here are a few suggestions that offer.

First, holiday camps based in England can be great if you want to stay in the UK and save abit of money, as they can be great fun. Companies like Butlins, Pontins and Center Parks offer pretty good deals and often they can be within a couple of hours drive. Being here in the UK though you can't guarantee the weather will be nice, but with a vast range of activities such as mountain biking, swimming, fotball etc, as well as night time shows, you will have plenty to do even if it isn't as exotic as going abroad.

Spain is a classic holiday destination for families. One of the premier package holiday destinations, Spain offers many great deals for familes and many resorts have great facilities for every taste. The Costa Del Sol and the Costa Blanca are two well established strips of coastline that should be looked into further if a holiday in Spain sounds appealing - many holiday makers just keep on going back.

America is always a safe bet when it comes to taking the family away. Florida springs to mind as somewhere the kids just love - Disney World and the countless other amusement parks are what kids dreams are made of - and they are great for all ages. If they are abit older you can wander off and relax in the gardens and zoos that many of these parks have if the thought of loop the loops and corkscrews on the rides fill you with fear. This sort of holiday comes at a price though, flights are expensive and you will need plenty of spending money once you get there too.

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