Thursday, April 1, 2010

Non EU Holiday Destinations - Iceland, Europe

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland is situated North West of the UK on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The Capital and only city of Iceland is Reykjavic, with a population of about 120,000 it makes up well over a third of Iceland's entire population - this city is the hub of Iceland's tourism.

Iceland is geologically and volcanically active due to its situation on the Mid-Atlantic ridge - those who did GCSE Geography will know that where tectonic plates meet, volcanic activity is rife. This characteristic is one of the main draws for tourists to come to Iceland - the scenery and landscape make it one of the best holiday destinations for anyone with an interest in geography or geology - however anyone can enjoy the country's spectacular sights, from young to old.

One of the top tourist hotspots is the blue lagoon - an incredible geothermal spa. Considering the regularly freezing air temperatures that Iceland has, you may be shocked to learn that the water temperature of the blue lagoon averages at 40°C. This is becuase of a nearby geothermal power station uses an underground lava flow to heat water that turns turbines, and the hot water is then pumped out into the lagoon for bathers to swim in. The water absorbs many minerals such as sulphur as it passes through the rocks and these help give the water its distinctive blue colour, as well as having medicinal purposes - the water is siad to heal certain skin diseases.

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