Thursday, April 1, 2010

Most Romantic Holiday Destinations: Paris, France

When asked where the most romantic holiday destination in the world is, one place immediately springs to mind - Paris. No, it may not have the warm sunshine of the Caribbean or the white beaches of, well, the Caribbean but it has something much more - a certain, how do you say ne c'est quoi.

There's something really romantic about the whole atmosphere of the place - the architecture, the French languare, the food - and of course all that lovely French wine doesn't go amiss either. All in all Paris is definitely one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world - in my opinion it tops the list.

But you don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy Paris - no, anyone on their own or with friends should find Paris a great city anyway - it is the capital of France after all. There are more activities than you can shake a baguette at - all the usual ones associated with capital cities such as eating, drinking - incidentally Paris is renowned for its exquisite gastronomy - clubbing, sight seeing, relaxing, walking, name it you can do it in Paris. Perhaps the water sports on the River Seine have not taken off in the same way as they have on the Australian Gold Coast, but on the whole you can be confident Paris offers what you are looking for.

A romantic Paris sunset

So, Paris is one of the best destinations for couples, but where are good places to go here? Well, the Eiffel Tower is an obvious choice, but for something a bit more special, try the Notre Dame Cathedral, for spectacular views of the city. As you are not as high as at the top of the Eiffel Tower, you will actually be able to see the city in detail, and appreciate its beauty while snuggling in your partners arms.

Paris is also full of beautiful gardens - the Luxembourg Gardens in particular are a great place for couples to go on a nice warm summers day. You can really unwind here and enjoy your partners company - the surroundings really are lovely. You could easily spend the whole day lazing around - just don't have anything else planned as you don't want to be rushing to leave.

I could go on for hours talking about the qualities which make Paris such a great city for couples but in many ways it is better to explore it for yourselves and find your own favourite spots. I'm sure you will agree once you visit, that Paris is one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world - the only problem is that you may not want to leave when its time to go.

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