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Tawang - a beautiful tourist spot in Arunachal

Location : Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh

Importance : It is the place of a 400 year old Buddhist monastery

Temperature : Summer: 25° C to 35° C, Winter: from 1° C to 15° C.

Height : 11,155 ft above sea level.

Excellent Time to Visit : June to October

Suspended at an altitude of 11,155 ft in close proximity to the Indo-Bhutan border, Tawang, the gorgeous land of the Monpa tribes, is the most celebrated hill station in Arunachal Pradesh. Furthermore the district headquarters of the Tawang district. It is famed for its 400 year elderly Buddhist monastery, Tawang Monastery the largest monastery in India.

Despite the fact that the journey is harsh, sheer with hairpin bends, Tawang proffers its guests to vision the snow capped Himalayan Mountains, unfathomable valleys, waterfalls, striking landscapes and hundred of lakes.

The derivation of Tawang is indistinct. It was a fraction of the kingdom of Tibet in medieval period. Neighboring tribal rulers ruled Tawang from time to time and in 1873 British acknowledged this area as off confines. Subsequent to India won Freedom in 1947, China has been claiming Tawang as a fundamental measurement of Tibet and had occupied it for the period of the 1962 war. Nevertheless the town was afterward returned to India.

Parkhang, the chief hall of the monastery abodes the library which hold the extraordinary hand written and block printed Thankas, the manuscripts of honored books like Tangym, Kangyur and Sungbhum. The further atypical works of Buddhist literature consist of 108 gold imprinted manuscripts of the Teaching of Lord Buddha and 225 volumes of the clarification of teachings of Buddha enclosed with especially premeditated moth proof silk ornamented with paintings.

The Tawang Monastery is linked with the legendary Torgva festival which is apprehended in the eleventh Monpa month termed the Dawa Chukchipah i.e December - January as per the Buddhist). There is furthermore a Craft Centre here which produces excellent woolen carpets of colorful designs. In recent times, the intricate restored and the enormous murals on the walls of the shrine shimmer with acrylic paint.


It is the place of origin of the 6th Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyastso (1683-1706). Erected by Urgen Sangpor, the brother of Terton Prempalinga, the renowned wealth revealer, it is positioned about five kilometers to the south of Tawang. In the shades of a gigantic tree, this monastery moreover boasts a compilation of numerous antique Buddhist relics, foot and finger prints of Dalai Lama. Attended by a single monk it is unpretentious in its straightforwardness.
Sange Ryabgelling and Khinme Monastery one of the eldest in Tawang are other famed shrines in Tawang. Singgshur Nunnery is an additional significant visit in Tawang.

Places to see around Tawang


It is a huge picturesque town located at the height of 8000 ft above sea level. From here one can observe the gorgeous landscapes and snow capped Himalayan Mountains. It is here the fine-looking Buddhist monastery Lower Gompa is located. Erected in a conventional design it is the storehouse of culture. Elevated above Bomdila is the Upper Gompa as well known as Rabgyeling Monastery. The town in addition shows off crafts and shopping centers from where one can procure superior carpets.

Takstang Monastery or the Tiger’s Den

Furthermore known as T Gompa, it is one of the celebrated Buhhist shrines in Tawang. Positioned 12 km from Tawang, it situated in the midst of lofty mountains.

Sangeshar Lake

It is in the vicinity of the Taktsang Monastery. At this moment this is much recognized as the “Madhuri Lake” by the local people subsequent to a dance sequence by Madhuri Dixit of the Hindi film “Koyla” (1997).

Bagga Jang Lake and Sangetsar Lake are also the further gorgeous lakes in Tawang.

How to reach:

The adjoining town is at Bomdila. The route from Bomdila to Tawang goes over the Sela pass.

Air: Adjacent airport is at Tezpur, Assam (347km). Major flights connected to Kolkata and Dimapur.

Rail: Nearby Railway Station is at Rangapara , Assam (340m).

Road: Adjoining Bus stand Bomdila. One can reach Tawang from Bomdila or from Tezpur by bus.

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