Monday, December 21, 2009

How to Find a European Tour Guide

Travelling through Europe can be a wonderful experience; it can also be a little overwhelming to take behind everything in. that’s why it’s important to find a European tour guide that will help you to see the history the beautiful sights in digestible amounts.

There are plenty of ways to book a European tour, this can be done in advance or while you are actually in a specific place. It all depends on what kind of traveler you are and how flexible you would like your schedule to be.


If you would like to have leisurely holiday then you need to find a European tour guide that will cater to your needs. A big group tour will likely be stressful at points and you may not have time to enjoy all the sights as you are running on the schedule of a group rather than your own time.

The downside of choosing a private tour for a small group is that the expense will be a lot more than if you went along with a group. A good compromise is to find a European tour guide that will operate in manageable groups so that things are not too rushed.

On The Spot Tours

If you don’t like the idea of booking things advance and are not sure of where to find a European tour guide then wait till you get to your destination. There are often many tour companies who are ready to take on people at popular tourist sites. You might also be able to find a European tour guide through your hotel. Be friendly with the staff and see if they have any sites or tours that they recommend.

The local tourist information center is also a good place to find a European tour guide. You will also be able to hear about interesting sites that may be left off your guide book or that you may not have considered visiting. The advantage of not booking a tour in advance is that you will be able to change your schedule at the last minute.

However if you have a limited amount of time then find a European tour guide before you step on the plane. Online travel forums can be helpful in recommending good tours. This will help take some of the stress that comes with traveling. So decide based on the amount of time you have and what type of holiday you would like.

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