Sunday, December 20, 2009

Best Southern California Surf Spots

California is chock full of great surf spots from San Diego to Orange County. Here are a few of the best spots in San Diego and North County. Make sure you check out one of these awesome surfing beaches next time you’re in Southern California, you won’t regret it. Blacks Beach: This beach located in the northern part of La Jolla is actually known far and wide as one of the best surf breaks in the entire country. People flock from various corners of America to get a piece of the action all year round, but this is not for the faint at heart. The water is rough, the hike down is a bit of a challenge, and the cliffs have falling rocks on a regular basis. Windansea: This is another of the famous San Diego surf spots. People don’t surf here as much as they once did though. This beach became popular in the sixties for its historical significance in the progressive surf movement. Many of the most famous surfers got their beginnings at Windansea. Beacon’s: Though it might be a bit of a challenge to get here because of the steep cliffs guarding the coast, this beach in Leucadia makes for a great day of surfing. Anyway, the steep steps do not stop the surfers from getting their daily fix. The beach itself is pretty rocky and it doesn’t make much of a case for sunbathers, but the surf is awesome. Grandview: This is one of the more popular surf spots located in Leucadia. If you plan on sunbathing a bit, you might find yourself squashed between the cliffs and the seaweed during high tide, but the majority of the beachgoers spend their time in the water so this doesn’t pose much of a problem. San Elijo State Beach: Located in Encinitas, this state beach and campground is beautiful, easily accessible and has a great surf break. This isn’t the best place for novices because of the reef, but it can pose an interesting challenge for the adventurous.

If you head to the heart of San Diego, there are many other intermediate surf spots in Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, and Pacific Beach, CA, as well as plenty of places to stay along the coast. Be sure to stop by one of these great beaches on your next trip out to the west coast. And be warned, many people who come for a vacation never look back.

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