Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cheap Caravan Holidays & Motorhome Holidays - UK & Abroad

With the recession still forcing many holiday makers to keep their wallets firmly in their pockets, demand for cheap holidays is as high as ever. Recent stats show that searches online for the phrases "motorhomes" and "caravan parks" have increased by about 450% each over the last 12 months as Mr Joe Public shuns traditional foreign holiday destinations for a cheaper, but equally cheerful break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A huge range of UK and foreign caravan holidays can be found online, each company offering a slightly different take on the traditional concept. Many sites offer a variety of caravan types, from basic to luxury, which you can tow away to your destination of choice and simply return within a given date. This offers a great deal of freedom and excitement - you never quite know where you will end up. The same is true of motor homes, which are basically caravans with an engine, an all in one car and caravan essentially. Caravan and motorhome hire has really taken off, many of the most popular destinations in the UK include the national Parks and areas of natural beauty, including the Lake District, Snowdonia, The South Downs, the Dales and the Peak District. However there are no limits to where you can go. Many companies allow the caravan or motorhome to be taken abroad as well, allowing you to drive down to the South of France or right down to Italy or beyond.

Motorhome Hire UK

Caravans and motorhomes offer a real sense of adventure that you rarely get on a traditional package holiday. You can visit some of the best holiday destinations in England and abroad in your own time, whether you are a family, a couple or simply on your own. Many caravan and motor home parks exist around England and Europe for you to take a break and socialise with other families or individuals. There are so many characteristics of a motorhome or caravan holiday that make it easy to see why the recent trends in this type of holiday are set to continue.

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