Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Budget airline flights to Christmas Markets

The Christmas holidays are rapidly approaching, and all your friends are planning a big trip away to enjoy a nice few days off. But what's that? You can't afford to go away? Well, think again. Because there are so many great low cost breaks to choose from, to some of the best holiday destinations in the world. And a visit to a traditional Christmas market is the perfect choice at this time of year - they offer something for everyone so you can be guaranteed a good time.

Christmas markets originated in Germany and Austria but are now located pretty much everywhere - which means you should be able to find some low cost deals to take you to a destination that hosts a Christmas market. Generally the markets are held in the streets or in a town square, and consist of a variety of stalls selling a range of food, drink, gifts and Christmas themed items. The nativity theme is very popular, and typical Bavarian food and drinks are common, such as Bratwurst, Christollen, mulled wine and wheat beers. People from all over converge to the markets, leading to a real festival atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy.

A Typical German Market

Some of the best markets include Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Dresden and Salzburg although they are now present in many continental areas including , Alsace, Zurich, Brussels and Chicago. In the UK, large markets can be found in Leeds, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester to name but a few. So what next? There are a range of low cost airlines that fly to many of these destinations, so simply choose your departure airport and search for a destination that takes your fancy! For example, from London you can fly out to pretty much all of the major Christmas markets, including those held in Frankfurt, Berlin, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Salzburg, Leeds and Edinburgh. Prices are lower than you would imagine too, especially at an off peak time like November or December. So even if your pay rise has been put on hold, don't assume you won't be able to experience the joys of the Christmas market abroad! Check out the latest low cost flights and don't miss out on a visit to one of the best Christmas holiday destinations in the world!

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