Thursday, November 19, 2009

Best stag weekends - Prague, Czech Republic

Need help planning where to go on your stag weekend? You've come to the right place. There are loads of great places to go for your big do, many in the UK, many abroad. Recently foreign destinations have soared in popularity, especially holiday destinations in Eastern Europe. Bratislava, Warsaw, Krakow - all big with gangs of youths ready for their stag or hen weekends. But out of everywhere on offer, one place stands out as the most popualar stag and hen destination - Prague. Located in the Czech Republic, Prague has become synonimous with groups of revellers out to have a good time.

So what does Prague have to offer? Well, everything you could think really when it comes to activities and nights out. The city itself is relatively small which makes getting around nice and easy - a couple of central areas, especially Wisconsin Square where much of the citys nightlife revolves. The city is also extremely cheap - people often talk of 50p pints in the bars and this is true if you pick the right watering hole. This can make for a really cheap night - generally any beer won't cost you more than £1 so a night of 10 pints or so won't be much more than a tenner!

Another key element of many a stag weekend are the strippers! And Prague certainly has alot to offer in this department. There are many establishments that offer this kind of service in safe surroundings. Prices have risen slightly in recent years so don't expect a dance for £2 but prices are certainly fair, and all the clubs have a host of beauties to choose from. Prague is pretty much busy all year round so you should feel very safe entering this kind of place or even just walking around - certainly any of the horror stories you hear about Eastern Europe are very very rare here - the locals are friendly if you are friendly back to them!

Prague at night

The city also offers much more for Prague stag weekends apart from these two things. Shooting, skiing, brewery trips, archery, bobsleds and golf are all on offer nearby Prague. And Prague hen weekends will love the array of shopping on offer!

All in all Prague is certainly one of the best holiday destinations for a good stag or hen weekend. With so much on offer, at cheap prices, the city has pretty much everything you could ask for from an eventful weekend.

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