Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best Holiday Destinations in July & August

July is upon us already - it seems like only yesterday we were munching down the mince pies and opening presents round the Christmas tree. Yes, we are halfway through the year, and officially into Summer. July and August are the busiest months for people to go on holiday for much of Europe - because of this high demand you will usually find prices for hotels / flights etc to be at their peak, hence 'peak time'. If booking far enough in advance you can usually get really good deals on your package holidays and flights, however if you are still looking for somewhere to go you'll do well to get a cheap deal - I just bought some flights to Italy for £250 return - if I had booked them a couple of weeks ago they would have set me back just £160. So if you are planning to go somewhere this summer, or September/October time, I'd recommend getting everything sorted out asap to save money, as prices tend to keep on increasing as the date gets nearer. The exception to this can be last last minute deals - if you look to go away tomorrow you can usually get really cheap deals - as it is such late notice and the airlines /travel agents would rather have someone pay less than to miss out on the business completely.

So where are the best holiday destinations in July and August? Well this is a bit of an unspecific question - it really completely depends on what kind of holiday you want, who you are with, your budget and many other factors. Many of us, myself included, like to go abroad around this time - slightly ironic perhaps considering they are the only 2 months in the UK where the weather is actually nice and hot. My advice would be to check with your travel agents and do some research online for good deals - if your on a strict budget its probably best to see what holiday destinations have good deals for them and building from that - ie. choose where to go once you know you can buy flights or a package at a good price. You should always be able to find a range of really exciting places to travel to so you won't be stuck with staying in a 2* out of town hotel in an country you've never heard of, just to get a good deal.

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