Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Venice - Most Romantic Holiday Destinations

Venice is without doubt one of the most romantic holiday destinations on the planet. Located in Northern Italy, it is a truly unique and historic town, brimming with culture. It has been described as the most beautiful city in the world by many and it is easy to see why.

Venice is famous for being situated right out in the Adriatic sea, with a network of rivers weaving through the city itself. It is made up of 118 small islands - this characteristic has earned Venice the title of the "City of Water". The traditional image of tourists snuggled together in a gondola being transported down the narrow, winding waterways between beautiful riverside buildings is a famous one - and rightly so. Nowhere else on the planet is quite like Venice and for this reason alone it is a holiday destination that everyone should visit at some point in their life.

Venice is definitely a good city for couples - gently drifting down the rivers in a goldola, the traditional Venetian rowing boats, is an experience to savour, and very romantic. The city is so beautiful as well, it is easy to spend hours just wandering the streets in your partners arms, soaking up the sun (if you're lucky). The Italian lifestyle and culture is itself is very suave and chic, so combined with the city you get an very sexy holiday destination. The restaurants in Venice are typically very good, serving up your traditional Italian fare like pizza and pasta as well as more up market speciality dishes such as freshly caught fish and local meat dishes. If you fancy exploring areas outside of Venice itself, we would recommend renting a car to drive down the coast or wherever the wind takes you. If you want car hire Italy has many companies to choose from all offering various deals and cars, at various locations.

Traditional Venice gondolas

Overall, Venice is a really special town, full of history. Whether you're in a relationship, with frinds, on your own or with your family, there's plenty of things to keep you occupied. However there's something about Venice that makes it one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world - I'd definitely recommend it as somewhere to go with your partner.

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