Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Holidays in a Cuba Cabana Beach

Cuba isn’t all five star, all inclusives, with wristbands, although if you believed everything you read and hear that might be the impression you get. If you know where to look and go then Villa Las Brujas could be the perfect romantic destination for you both.
Lots of people don’t associate Cuba with a romantic destination, and whilst it is true that Cuba has a reputation for large five star ‘Gin Palaces’, which tend to be all inclusives, complete with wristbands. For some this is a nightmare, for others it provides a base for seeing the historic Cuba of Havana. You need relaxation time away from all of this, and the perfect romantic destination for you might be Villa Las Brujas on Cayo Las Brujas.
Be warned it is very inaccessible, but with its reputation as a peaceful paradise, you might expect that anyway. From the mainland it is an extraordinary road to Villa Las Brujas, crossing loads of bridges which connecting tiny coral islands, mangrove swamps, and after about an hour you will reach a larger island where there is a small airport and three hotel complexes. .
Villa Las Brujas will provide you with a real getaway from it all destination, and a great romantic destination for a two or three day stopover on your grand tour of Cuba.
The rooms in the cabanas have great views, and in fact the accommodation is so spacious it would be more accurate to call a room a suite, because of the size of the sitting area.
The beach overlooked by the cabanas is very attractive but quite small, although in fairness there are only 24 rooms, so there is plenty of room for all.
There are a variety of reports about the food in the restaurant, and it would appear that the local seafood, especially the lobster, is the star item on the menu, and the reports of the chicken not as good, but overall the food gets the thumbs up. This is just as well because it is a long way to the nearest restaurant, literally having to return from where one originally came! When judging food in Cuba it is also important to realise that standards are a lot lower than in Europe, and quite a bit lower than in other places in the Caribbean, so judged by theses standards the food at Villa Las Brujas stands up well to comparison.

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