Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beach Christmas Vacations in Dominican Republic

Whether you want a relaxed and leisured vacation or one filled with expeditions and explorations, Dominican Republic will provide you anything you wish for this Christmas.

Here are some guidelines from Christmas Carnivals to help you plan better for Christmas Vacations in Dominican Republic.

With its majestic mountains, verdant valleys dotted with meandering rivers and cascading waterfalls or with its sunny beaches and exotic natural reserves, every site in Dominican Republic is worth seeing.

The city of Santo Domingo is where you will find the important historical sites of the country. In the older part of the city we get to see the first hospital, the first university or the first cathedral of the free Dominican Republic. In the other half of the city we have the buzzing urban life with nightclubs and discos. Another major attraction in this part of the city is what is known as the Los Tres Ojos de Agua, which is a place with three lagoons where we also get to see stalactites and stalagmites formations.

In the southern coast of the country we have the historic city of San Cristobal, where the first constitution of the country was signed. Among the other attractions in this part of the country is the church of Santa Maria. There are also some caves bearing the Saint's name. Dominican Republic is also famous for its amber and the northern part of the country, which has the rich reserve of it. The Amber Museum proudly displays some of the country's possessions. Most of the best beaches of the country are in Puerto Plata, Sosua with its white sand and sapphire water being the most popular among them. The important hotels in this region are the Secret Excellence Punta Cana, Iberostar Costa Dorad, besides others.

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