Monday, November 8, 2010

Beach Vacation getaway on Peter Island

Peter Island is a private Caribbean beach vacation getaway with five sandy beaches where guests enjoy privacy and seclusion. Because it accommodates only about 100 guests at a time, Peter Island Resort is a popular beach vacation getaway for honeymooners looking for privacy.

White Bay Beach
This long beach has white sand and clear waters, ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving and relaxing in the sun. Tropical fish and sea turtles frequent this beach.

The hotel can prepare a gourmet picnic lunch to that you can spend all day outdoors. Complimentary van service is offered from the main hotel area to the beach.

Cabey Point
Cabey Point is the most intimate beach on Peter Island with just two lounge chairs and one thatched hut. Only one couple at a time gets to enjoy this romantic beach.

Rooms from $560 per night, including meals.

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