Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ocean Spa at Cambridge Beach, Bermuda

At the Ocean Spa at Cambridge Beaches you can enjoy all the amenities and facilities of a beautiful resort in combination with a world-class spa. If you’ve never been to a spa before, this is a great place for you to have your first experience. The spa is world-class; the treatments include a wide range of offerings from classic massages to body treatments and facials utilizing the famous Sothys of Paris line of products, to marine-based body wraps and holistic therapies. Yoga classes are offered year-round and, in between experiences, you can relax and unwind in the quiet confines of the Ocean Spa’s Meditation gardens.

Set in a spectacular location with endless views, four private beaches, luxurious cottage rooms and pool suites, sumptuous food and, of course, the renowned Ocean Spa: the ideal spot for you to reconnect, rediscover and rejuvenate yourself like never before. The Ocean Spa at Cambridge Beach offers a variety of innovative and enjoyable programs for couples, or singles, that can help you turn a simple stay into an amazing transformation of self.

Poised between the indulgences of the body and the delights of the mind is a place where you can truly become one with the elements: the Ocean Spa at Cambridge Beaches. Rejuvenate your body. By blending the finest of the healing arts with a unique European flair, the Ocean Spa has all essential elements you need to awaken your senses. Discover the Aquarian baths and the amazing new Experience Suites, “a symphony of pleasures unlike any other.” Couples can revel in new sensations, share intimate sensual moments in the Spa’s innovative couples rooms where an exhilarating array of indulgences will simply leave you transformed and restore your soul.

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