Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Falling in Love at Antulang Beach

Falling in Love at Antulang So, there I was at the southernmost tip of Negros Island, an hour away from the charming city of Dumaguete. After a visit to the family-friendly Forest Farm and some strawberry shortcake atop a mountain residence, I found myself on a suite perched on a boulder by the beach with a view of Apo Island, facing the Mindanao Sea. This is where I would spend the night at Antulang Beach Resort.

Falling in Love at Antulang Don�t you just love that name, antulang? It sounds a bit mysterious and awfully romantic! In truth, the resort is named after the lovely gumamelas that spring throughout the ten-hectare paradise. Those and the blooming bougainvillas make Antulang such a picturesque hideaway.

Falling in Love at Antulang There are a lot of things to love about Antulang. First, there�s the beach, which you do not have to share with anybody else. You know those movies where there are winding staircases leading down to the sea? That�s what they have at Antulang. It�s not Boracay powder white though. Antulang�s beach is rugged, packed with seashells and craggy boulders. You can find a little cove of your own and not be disturbed for hours.

Falling in Love at Antulang Just off the beach, there�s snorkeling to be had�and all sorts of colorful fish from the clownfish to the butterfly fish will welcome you. A little farther off are 17 dive sites populated by Manta rays, hawksbill turtles, and groupers. A side trip to Apo Island can be arranged.

Falling in Love at Antulang Not a beach bum? Not to worry. You can swim in their eternity pool with a smashing view of the Mindanao Sea or you can just hike around the island and trip on nature all you want. Occasionally, you may get to hear a tuko singing away.

Of course, a vacation ain�t fun at all if the food ain�t great. And at Antulang, food is delicious. Be sure to order their seafood entrees as those are guaranteed fresh. And if you�re a carnivore like me, have some of their crispy pata. It�s great with some beer while talking the night away with friends.

Yet, what I loved most about Antulang is its tranquility, the peaceful vibe that permeates in and around it. As I lay down on my bed on a suite perched on a boulder by the beach, I found myself being slowly lulled to sleep by the gentle sound of the sea. It was heaven!

HOW TO GET THERE: Cebu Pacific flies daily to Dumaguete from Manila. The flight takes one hour. The drive to Antulang from Dumaguete takes another hour. From Cebu, there are ferries going to Dumaguete. The ride takes three and half hours.

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