Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flic en Flac Beach-Mauritius, Amazing White Sands Vacation Destination

Flic en Flac Beach-Mauritius,-Travel Destination

Flic-en Flac beach
located near the capital city of Port Louis. This beach is a nice beach for swimming, snorkeling and diving. It faces west, so you get grand sunsets. Ask any local and you’ll get a different opinion. First, there’s the tourism community that wants to exploit it. Hundreds of rooms, generally apartments and condos, have sprung up over the past five years, angering those who want Mauritius to remain ecologically beautiful.

Amazing White Sands Vacation Destination 2

For or against the development, you must be united on one opinion, and that is that Flic-en Flac is gorgeous. It stretches for a mile or so along the coast – white sand and a deep, blue lagoon. Here, you’ll find tourists from every walk, enjoying holidays in Mauritius.

Flic en Flac Beach-Mauritius-vacation destination

Okay, the name sounds cute, but this isn’t considered a beach for the locals. For one, it’s not as inviting as, say, Tamarin Bay Beach. Driving south down the Port Louis to Tamarin road, you’ll see the signs for Flic-en Flac. After a tour through sugar cane fields, you are in the Flic-en Flac village.
Best Besach in africa-Flic en Flac Beach-Mauritius

Many websites have Flic-en Flac on the wrong side of Mauritius. It is not in Flacq province. It’s just southwest of Port Louis facing Madagascar. If you want to visit, don’t head out the wrong way.
Flic en Flac Beach-Mauritius, Amazing White Sands Vacation Destination 5

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