Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Top Dominican Republic Vacation in Puerto Plata

If you consider the Dominican Republic for a holiday, then the place to go absolutely must be the highest in the Bungalows in Puerto Plata.

From the moment you arrive at the Bungalows, and you will be greeted by name, was given a cold towel and drink makes you feel very special, and The Bungalows is a special place you have chosen the Dominican Republic for your holiday.

Please note that the resort on the beach, but unless you like the beach is not the problem. To be fair to Puerto Plata is not known as a coastal tourist area, partly because the Atlantic side of the island, so you will not find a turquoise blue sea and white sand beaches. You can take a five minute walk to the beach, but there's no beach and the sea service is really only for surfing and body type.

Now, the pool area at the Bungalows plush, with padded sun beds, a number of Cabanas, some even with television, which may seem a bit redundant, but very good for watching sports on the weekends if you need something like this on holidays. A waterfall, and the bars close!
You as an accommodation in one of the reasons why such a high ranking Bungalows in the Dominican Republic hotel list popularity. You'll find marble floors, king-size bed, fridge filled, and even a jacuzzi. A large covered terrace, which can close the curtains for privacy. Flat screen TV, iPod and dock, with 24 / 7 room service complete a very nice place to live.

Mention room service bring us to the level of overall service in Bungalows. As you would expect from one of the main objectives of the Dominican Republic just outstanding service. You'll find the staff not only remembers names, but also an important element of the favorite cocktail! The Bungalows is one of the rare places where not only attentive service, they are completely out of their way to ensure you get what you want.

The Bungalows are sitting next to the village Sunday, so if you're bored Social at the restaurant on site, then you can go there and eat, although food is not so good. Bungalows Hotel, described as the Dominican Republic all inclusive, so you only pay for something like a lobster on the menu. Quality of food on the menu at the Bungalows is very good if somewhat limited, so you might want to change if you were there for a week or more.

The Bungalows have four tennis courts, field hockey and basketball cum oddly enough, and fitness club at the Spa, where you also can find a steam room. You will see the land held perfectly clean, and actually have a very nice vacation here the Dominican Republic, and was not disappointed in any way.

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