Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top 5 Nude Beaches This Summer

If you love summer, tanning, beaches and the ocean breeze you might also enjoy nudity.
Since the 70s, nude beaches become more and more popular and nowadays the managers of these kinds of resorts are competing in order to bring in more and more tourists that literally have nothing to hide. Here are 5 of the best nude beaches this year:
1. Haulover Beach, Florida
Established in 1991, the entire North side of the beach has a “clothing optional” policy. The beach is extremely popular not just for the nudity, but for the facilities one can find here, as well. Showers, barbeque grills, food & drink stalls, lifeguards, volleyball and surfing games – all these helped Haulover Beach to become one of the most attractive in Florida.
Haulover Park Beach!
2. Maslin Beach, South Australia
Australia’s first official beach, Maslin Beach is known worldwide for the “Maslin Beach Olympics” – a series of nude and informal sport competitions held around Australia’s Day, in January. Although the cliff-lined beach has more than 3 kilometers, just the southern half is opened to nudists. You can easily get here from Adelaide, since the beach is located about 40 kilometers south of the city.
3. Black’s Beach, San Diego, California
It’s one of the nation’s iconic nude beaches and it lies at the base of the cliffs near the University of California. Black’s Beach is not exclusively nude, since you can see all kinds of tourists here. The cliffs make it one of the most picturesque nude beaches in the world, but also one with the most difficult to access – you can only get here through the northern or the southern side. The powerful currents and high tides make the beach a lovely place for surfing, as well.
4. Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece
Bars next to the beach, loud dance music, people dancing and drinking fancy cocktails – that’s what this beach is all about. Nudity is pretty common on this southern beach and you can easily get there from Mykonos city by foot, bus or by renting one of the many scooters.
5. Orient Beach, St Maarten, The Caribbean Islands
Being referred to as the “French Riviera of the Caribbean”, Orient Beach is a place with numerous bars and restaurants that offer so many types of cuisine and beverages. In the southern end of the Orient Beach you’ll find St. Martin’s Club Orient – the most famous nudist resort in the islands. The area is known as a marine reserve and snorkeling between the crystal clear water without swimming suits is pretty common.

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