Sunday, June 6, 2010

Virginia Beach Vacation Ideas For Lesbian Couples

Virginia Beach

As the weather turns warm, you may be tempted to enjoy a spring vacation with your lesbian partner. For couples in the Mid-Atlantic region, Virginia Beach is an ideal destination for lovers of sunshine and waves. The Oceanfront provides an attractive venue for sunbathing, volleyball, and surfing. Yet, Virginia Beach offers much more for the lesbian couple looking for fun and adventure.

What is there to see and enjoy in Hampton Roads? Plenty! Here are just a few suggestions for shaping a unique itinerary for your trip.

Eat Healthy - If you're concerned about putting on vacation pounds (and it's easy to do with so many seafood restaurants in town), take a trip to the Heritage at 314 Laskin Road. As the largest holistic and health food center, you'll find an extensive selection of snacks and juices, ready made vegetarian meals, and raw foods to satisfy cravings. The adjacent bookstore is filled with spiritual books and music for your reading and listening pleasure, great if you need a book for the beach.

Go Cruisin' - Ever see a dolphin up close in its natural habitat? The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center offers 90-minute dolphin watching excursions from April through October. It's not unusual to see these playful sea creatures from the shore, but a cruise grants you personal face time with the bottlenose mammal. Truly an experience for the animal lover.

Get Spiritual - The Association for Research and Enlightenment, founded by Edgar Cayce in the 1930s, sits on a hill overlooking the ocean. Visitors can enjoy a free tour where they'll learn about the life Cayce and his work with with transpersonal subjects like reincarnation, holistic health, and meditation. A meditation room on the third floor is open to the public, and provides a peaceful setting for relaxation and clearing your mind, while the courtyard by the old hospital is graced with a labyrinth. Slow down and enjoy an uplifting walk. If you're feeling stressed, book a massage at their health spa and add some luxury to your vacation.

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