Thursday, June 10, 2010

Africa Kenya Beach Vacation - Greatest Beach Vacation Spot

There is nothing that beats a Kenyan beach vacation in Mombasa Kenya. Located in the South Western part of Kenya, Mombasa island breaks the northern and the southern mainlands. The Mombasa island is the main town and is tucked neatly between the Kenyan south and north mainland connected to it by the nyali bridge to the north and the likoni ferry channel to the south. A wide water channel cuts deep into the mainland on the southern section of the island to form east africa's largest sheltered water harbour. The best Kenya beach vacation spot is the southern Mombasa beaches mainly in Diani.

Diani is a beach vacation mecca that has developed against a background of lush tropical forest to include some of the world class beach hotels and facilities. The diani Kenya beaches are sheltered by one massive coral reef that runs parrarel to the shore of the indian ocean. The water here are calm as the strong waves are broken by the reef. The Diani Mombasa beaches have warm turquoise colored waters and powderly white sands. In addition some of the beach areas are remote and provide the much sort after exclusivity , peace and quiet (unlike the crowded beaches in the Mediterranean or florida)
Diani Vacation Water Sports, Activities And Highlights
Most of the hotels located in diani area have 4 to 5 star standards and facilities. You will find a plethora of water based vacation adventure sports on offer in these hotels, resorts, clubs, and sea lodges. Among the most famous water sports in diani mombasa kenya hotels include:

  • Mombasa sea surfing
  • Beach volleyball
  • Kite surfing-Kenya style
  • Wind surfing -Mombasa way
  • Mombasa Beach Deep sea diving
  • Wreck diving of Mombasa coast
  • Snorkeling and goggling in Kenya coral gardens and marine national parks
  • Big game deep sea fishing in baracuda, blue marlin,sail fish, dorado etc
  • Kayaking
  • Banana boats
  • Jet skiing
  • Beach parachuting
  • Beach parasailing
  • Traditional boat sailing among many other mombasa Kenya water sports activities
Diani Kenya is a fully serviced tourism and vacation resort town. There is a shopping centre conviniently located at the entrance to the diani beach resorts. Theis centre has several supemarkets and malls that provide supplies to tourists in the diani beach area and self catering travellers. There are also banks and other gift shops and souvenir arcades for that take home vacation items. Diani is well serviced by a tarmac/asphalt road up to each hotel's entrance.
Facilities And Services In Mombasa Hotels In Kenya's Diani Beach Resort
The beach hotels in these area provide a range of facilities including free form fresh water swimming pools, pool bars, pool ball games, fully air conditioned rooms, en suite bathrooms, room service, children playgrounds and pools, breathtaking tropical gardens with whispering palms and comfortable loungers strewn in the ever green well manicured lawns, conference facilities, valet services in others, shopping arcades and cyber caf├ęs in house.
Kenya Beach Hotels culinary Safari Experiences
In additions and most importantly, these beach hotels offer a variety of themed restaurants for your African culinary safari experience. The restaurants will range from African, continental, European, Indian, to chinese; enough to take you a full vacation week to sample all the expansive culinary dishes and foods in the Kenya beach hotels.
Diani Kenya Beach Hotels
Some of the beach hotels located in Mombasa diani beach resort include:

  • Alliance Africana Sea Lodge Kenya
  • Alliance Jadini Beach Hotel
  • Alliance Safari Beach Hotel
  • Baobab Beach Resort
  • Chale Island
  • Indian Ocean Beach Club
  • Diani Sea Resort
  • Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort
  • Leopard Beach Resort
  • LTI-Kaskazi Beach Hotel
  • Neptune Paradise Village
For those looking for a rest and relaxation beach vacation in Kenya, Mombasa diani is the last stop in Africa. Other Kenya travelers will opt to have a beach and bush vacation and will combine diani beach vacation with either the Tsavo (of the infamous lion man eaters of tsavo) or the glorified Masai mara in Kenya. Either way you will get what you cam for in your "in Kenya only beach vacation."
By Robert Muhoho

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