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A Rough Guide to the Romantic City of Venice

A Rough Guide to the Romantic City of Venice
Think breathtaking historical settings tinged with a hint of romance and the city that comes to mind first is Venice. With its weaving waterways and unique gondolas, Venice is the city of dreams. Renowned as one of the most beautiful places in the world, a visit to Venice is a must, while most first time visitors find they are not satisfied with just one visit.
There are many places that are worth a visit in Venice, with a few of the most interesting places being mentioned in this article. So get yourself a gondola and enjoy all that Venice has on offer!
A Rough Guide to the Romantic City of VeniceOne of the world’s largest squares is St. Mark’s Square of the Piazza San Marco. Also bustling with people it is a lovely place to mingle and enjoy coffee or a soft drink while enjoying impromptu music sessions. From here you can also visit the Basilica San Marco or St. Mark’s Basilica, which includes St. Mark’s Treasure.
The famous Rialto Bridge is another must visit, as it was the heart of the city for over four hundred years. It now has many shops on either side selling good perfect for tourists
The Duke or Doge was the most important political figure in old Venice and the home, which is actually a castle, is now a landmark and popular attraction in modern day Venice. Visit the Palazzo Ducale to get an idea of what life was like in earlier times, as it was from here that matters of state were conducted.
The House of Gold or Ca’ d’Oro is a gothic building which offers one of the finest views of the Grand Canal. It has an impressive fa├žade and was restored by Baron Franchetti in the early twentieth century and houses many works of art such as sculptures and paintings.
Another landmark location and place of interest is the Galleria Dell’Academia, which has a breathtaking collection of art work, any art connoisseurs’ dream location. It has among others Titan’s Pieta and Bellini’s Madonna Enthroned. It has four rooms housing all the art work and the number of visitors allowed to enter, at a time are limited.
For those who enjoy some old fashioned shopping visit the Rialto Markets and be exposed to an array of fruits, vegetables, clothes and knick knacks perfect as souvenirs. The Fish market has been around forever, so be sure to try out the famous seafood,
Of course no trip to Venice would be complete without a gondola ride. As all transportation within the city is done on water, hire yourself a gondola for a special sightseeing tour or travel on a water bus or Vaporati and take in all that this beautiful city has to offer.
While most of the above mentioned places allow free access some may charge a fee. A visitor to Venice may also travel to Verona which is not too far away especially by train. The city made famous by the star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet has much to offer as well to a tourist, from awe inspiring architecture to Roman ruins to restaurants for a tasty meal.

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