Sunday, May 30, 2010

Myrtle Beach Romantic Vacations

If you’re in Myrtle Beach for a romantic getaway, it is possible to get away from the crowd and spend some memorable times together.

a. Sunset Cruise: There are dinner and sunset cruises that specialize in romantic tours.

Check out Rover Tours and Extreme Fisherman . Rover Tours sails from Georgetown while Extreme Fisherman’s Romantic Cruises will take you to the Waccamaw Black Water River. (Contact info at the bottom of this page)

b. Romantic Restaurants: Wining and dining in romantic restaurants is almost always a given during a romantic vacation. And Myrtle Beach will not disappoint you.

The Gulf Stream Café in Garden City’s South Waccamaw Drive sets just the perfect ambiance for romance. With the ocean on one side and the Murrell Inlet on the other, early dinners here can be very special. Make sure you arrive early just in time to see the sun set.

c. Walk on the beach: Always a romantic activity wherever you go. It’s not only romantic, it also costs nothing.

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