Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Carlisle Bay Antigua Vacation Spots

Carlisle Bay is quite a large Antigua Luxury resort and very stylish indeed. It has eighty superb suites, a full service spa, a large pool, and two restaurants.

There is a Children’s Club, and nine tennis courts plus a host of other facilities you would expect from a luxury hotel. It is a great place for a family vacation, and yet appeals to the top end of the market as well, and definitely suits wealthy travellers who like to stay at fashionable hotels. Carlisle Bay Hotel Antigua is definitely a place where you can relax in a magnificent tropical setting, once described as contemporary luxury on the beach.
The Carlisle Bay Hotel is on the southern coastline of Antigua, and is located in a broad bay with steep sides with a mangrove lagoon to one side and the turquoise blue sea on the other. When you arrive at the gates you notice that everything from the gravel to the windows and balconies is grey which contrasts quite beautifully wit the lush vegetation, grass, and the sea. It also contrasts with the staff who are dressed in lilac. There are two distinct locations for the bedrooms, and this helps make this Carlisle Bay Antigua Luxury resort such a good place for a family vacation, and yet still an excellent place to stay without children.
The Beach suites which are two bedroomed, and the Carlisle Suites which have three bedrooms line the beach on either side of the dining room and they are for families, whilst the one bedroomed Ocean Suites are set back somewhat by comparison. You’ll particularly enjoy the hugeness of the rooms, the bathroom and all the luxury extras a hotel of the quality of the Carlisle Bay should have but don’t have. There are two restaurants, and they are excellent.
Another sign of a Luxury hotel is the availability of sun loungers, and one of the great things here at Carlisle Bay is the fact that even when the hotel is full, you won’t have a problem either by the pool or on the beach. If you want to go snorkelling off the beach then go along to the rocks on the left of the bay. The probable reason for this is firstly the families have their own bedroom suites as previously indicated. There is an extremely well run children’s program as well, and perhaps it is the fact that many of the children are from well off British families which is why they are so well behaved!! Carlisle Bay has made a point of helping you to relax and do nothing, and it does this very well. There are however a good few complimentary facilities including water sports as well as nine tennis courts and a spa. To summarise Carlisle Bay is an ideal destination for a family vacation in the Caribbean, being not a typical Caribbean Hotel. It is a class act well deserving its claim to be the top Antigua Luxury Resort

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