Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cannel Bay

Get some relaxing place in the world at the beach that provided a beautiful surrounding, luxury services and gourment dining. I suggest Caneel Bay of the Caribbean as the suitable place for who want to find someplace to vacation. It is located at St. John in the Virgin Island and the area is about 5,000 acre Virgin Island National Park.
One of the attraction to this beach is Caneel Bay are included 7 secluded beaches. There are Honeymoon Beach, Caneel Beach, Little Caneel Beach, Paradise Beach, Scott Beach, Turtle Bay Beach, and the Hawk's Nest Beach. The miracle about this resort is on its own penisula and also surrounded by both Altantic Ocean and Caribban Sea.
Usually, we want the adventure activity when we going at someplace. These resort not make the visitor regret. Many activity that pro vided for example snorkeling, nature walks, hiking, sailing, kayaking in the sea, wind surfing, scuba diving, and swimming. The best thing is massage. You can get the relaxing services here. The resort also offers you a fitness center and 11 outdoor courts for tennis.
Cannel Bay can fit about 166 guest at some time. It offer 166 guest room and cottages furnished with hand crafted furniture, woven fabrics, natural wood, and native stone. The best about the room is their balconies that overlook the beaches or resort garden.
The sound from your stomach remind us to tell about the restaurant. You can dine in several restaurants and bars that range from fine dining to casual meals. The restaurants include the Turtle Bay Estate House, Beach Terrace, The Equator, Starlight Terrace, and the Caneel Bay Bar.
Cannel Bay also fetch the latest technology. For who are busy with bussines, email, chatting or getting more in formation, Cannel Bay offer one center that complete with computers, high speed internet access, printer for guest accomodation.

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