Friday, December 18, 2009

Yuksam - The trekkers Paradise

Yuksam the former capital of Sikkim during Chogyal Kingdom is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from the Pemayangtse or Pelling. Tucked away in a plateau at an elevation of 6100ft above sea level and encircled by elevated forested hills, Yuksam, is a land of very old history and mythology. In 1641 under the sovereignty of the first Chogyal of the monarchy, Yuksom was privileged as the Capital of the state.

One can find the evidences of the consecration program of the Chogyal King for the Norbugang throne. The folklore says that three intellectual Lamas coming from three diverse directions assembled at Yuksam and sacred the Chogyal King during the late 1600. The remains in the Chorten show the stone seats and the marks of the footsteps of the head Lama on a stone. The name 'Yuksam' also signifies the 'assembly place of three Lamas'.

The peaceful small village and environment of Yuksam offer plentiful opportunity to experience the history of Sikkim, its enthralling people, lofty mountain peaks and the immense normal diversity of the area. Surrounded by scenic mountains enclosed with dense forests of rhododendron, maple, birch, oaks and magnolia is the house of a diverse compilation of flora and fauna.

Yuksam is a recognizable name to the trekkers and mountaineers all over the globe. The motor able roads finish here and start some of exhilarating trek routes in the elevated Himalayan region to Goechala, Dzongri and Samiti Lake.

Yuksam can be suitably reached from Siliguri with its way through Legship and from Gangtok via Ravangla. The expanse from Siliguri is 145kms and from Gangtok is 90kms.

The nearby railhead NJP that connects all the significant Indian cities by normal train service is 6kms from Siliguri and the Bagdogra Airport having every day Jet Airways and Indian Airlines flight starting from New Delhi and Kolkata is 28kms from Siliguri.

Places of Interest around Yuksam:

Khechepalri Lake: Having regard as one of the most sanctified lakes in Sikkim the Khechepalri lake is also acknowledged as the wishing lake. This extraordinarily tranquil lake, surrounded by lush green forest and holy prayer flags is positioned at a distance of 24kms from Yuksam.

Dubdi Monastery: One of the ancient monasteries of Sikkim. It was constructed in the year 1701 by the Nyingmapa faction of Tibetan Buddhism. The Monastery is as well known as the Hermit's Cell. Nestled atop of a densely wooded hill the Monastery offers a bird eye view of the Yuksam valley along with the surrounding mountains. It is a 40 minutes trek from Yuksam all the way through forested trails. This place is an ideal place for the watchers of birds particularly in the early hours in the daybreak or in the evening.

Norbugang Coronation Throne:
At about15 minutes walking expanse from Yuksam lays the for the most part significant historical site of Yuksam, the stone carved throne of Norbugang. It is the loccation where Chogyal Phuntsog, the first pious emperor of Sikkim was crowned. The stone throne is sheltered by a 300 year old fir tree and still carries the memory of the primeval past. A foot print at the front of the throne is said to belong to Lhatsun Namkha Jigme. The Chorten or stupa near the throne consists of soil and water from the entire part of Sikkim. The site is confined by the archeological department of India.

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