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Radhnagar Beach - Exotic Beach of Andaman

A vacation to Indian Beach Tours and Radhnagar Beach, takes the visitors on a voyage to the Radhnagar Beach, situated in Andaman and Nicobar islands, in India. Radhnagar Beach spaced out from sun, sand and sea is an unscathed beach. Striking marine living, abundant tropical greenery and seclusion from the hassle and bustle of urban life it is a superlative holiday destination for a unforgettable beach travel knowledge.

Radhanagar and Vijaynagar Beach in Havelock are genuine exposure of uncontaminated nature for an environment lover, who desires to enjoy their life; they must have to stopover there. Vijaynagar beach is immediately in front of Dolphin Yatri Niwas and Radhanagar beach is about 7km away from Dolphin Yatri Niwas. Radhanagar Beaches in Havelock are faultless, uncontaminated beaches and will plead to every beach fanatic and nature enthusiast who want to get pleasure from his beach holiday at a perfect loc.

Approximately 5 hour long journey by boat from Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair unfolds one to Havelock Island — “The island campers paradise.”

The primeval Aryans had nominated the area of the Central Himalayas as the Celestial Land - the Dev Bhumi; the coloring of the undergrowth has to be understood.

Best time to Visit:

March and April is time of flowers in the foot-hills, whereas June and July bring the wild flowers to the higher regions, it is here where the dwarf rhododendron bushes magnificent with pink and mauve blooms the area in their entire splendor.

Hotels near Radhnagar Beach

Radhnagar Beach, located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, located in India, is home to Jungle Resort and Dolphin Resort, situated in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India.

Name: Jungle Resort, positioned in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Category: Jungle Resort falls in the general category

Facilities: A number of the amenities on offer in the Radhnagar Beach, to be found in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India, are the existence of Nicobari "huts" and 10 deluxe rooms with washing block amenities and all other services tend to support eco friendly tourism.

Name: Dolphin Resort

Category: General category

Facilities: The amenities obtainable in the Dolphin Resort, situated in Andaman Islands, are of the order of 18 huts on stilts, a restaurant with healthy stock, amusing gardens and the resort is extremely accepted with the Indian tourists.


If someone had an adequate amount of the beach, one may try a little hot and perspiring jungle trekking. If someone is into convergence hunting, one can find 12°N 93°E just 800 meters away from the ending of beach 5. Guides can be prearranged throughout resorts.

Barefoot Eco Tours, in service from the Barefoot Brasserie at the jetty and at Barefoot at Havelock Resort can organize attractive treks both on Havelock and at further islands such as Long Island and even carry out overnight camping and trips including trekking, kayaking and snorkeling.

Thing to Buy:

Govind Nagar has a small number of essential shops selling daily requisites along with a small pharmacy. If one picks up one of the omnipresent Andaman and Nicobar T-shirts sold all over the place for Rs.50, take one with black printing, as the text in white bleeds off the first time it is washed.


A number of foods are grown on the island like scrumptious bananas, but the majority vegetables and fruits are imported. The most excellent thing to eat is the locally prepared fresh seafood.


  • Beer is obtainable at most of the resorts and at the "English Beer & Wine Shop" in the vicinity of the port.
  • Fresh coconuts are obtainable in the region of the island - after drinking the juice be happy to thump it open so that the flesh can be eaten too.


The majority of accommodations on offer are economical palm-thatched beach huts.

Do - Scuba diving :
A typical Andaman-style dive boat

Scuba diving is almost certainly the principal activity on the island further than lying around and eating grand seafood. Both the operators on Havelock, Barefoot Scuba and Dive India are PADI licensed dive centers, make available good quality equipment and tender training up to instructor. They contribute to a great deal all of the same discovered dive locations, and worth are more or less consistent at Rs.3000/=, for two dives a 10-15% discount cal be availed for one’s own equipment.

The diving potential in the region of the Andamans are enormous and it feels that what has been revealed is merely the commencement and even that is appealing and great. Glance for more sites to bring in shortly. As of now Havelock is the key hub for diving in the island chain. If someone is a skilled diver, furthermore enquire about dive expeditions, where they will give opportunity for hunting innovative and undiscovered sites.

All that said diving at this point is a part of a seat-of-the-pants process. Diving is performed off transformed dungi fishing boats, having a rack for tanks and a tarp for shadow. Powered by ear deafening thunderous and excitable nevertheless incompetent piston engines, journeys to dive sites on a regular basis take up to two hours every way, more if the sea is jerky or the engine goes out of order. In the event of a mishap, the adjoining recompression chamber is at the naval base in Port Blair, so it is prudent to keep the diving profile on the unadventurous end.

There is a small Post Office next to the port at Beach -1.


Landlines are inadequate, and with the exclusion of a couple of the nicer accommodation preferences, most places do not have a phone.
  • ISD/STD PCO/ phone booths are positioned on Beach -5, in the vicinity of the junction at Beach -3 and next to the port at Beach -1.
  • Mobile phones can be used in various parts of island. Service is provided by BSNL and Airtel.

Internet access on Havelock is awfully slow and unpredictable, so never count on it.

Beach Accessibility

Airlines :
Port Blair is linked to Chennai and Calcutta by Air. At the moment flights are operated by Indian Airlines on Calcutta-Port Blair-Calcutta sector on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and on Chennai-Port Blair-Chennai sector on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The journey duration is around 2 hours for both sectors. From Port Blair one can either pick the road route or cruise through the water by boat.

Jet Airways has as well started their services each day of the week on Chennai-Port Blair-Chennai sector.

Aqua Lines:

Regular passenger ship services are obtainable to Port Blair from Chennai, Calcutta and Vishakhapatnam. There are three to four sailings every month correspondingly from Chennai and Calcutta to Port Blair and vice-versa and from Vishakhapatnam one time in every two months. The voyage takes about three days and ships usually berth at Port Blair for about two days. From here one can reach the precise destination by road or boat.

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