Friday, December 18, 2009

Namchi - South Sikkim

South Sikkim is conceivably the least visited part in Sikkim. Tranquil and nostalgic a district having distinctive countryside landscape sprinkled with Sikkimese and Lepcha villages on the progressing valleys. The never-ending waves of agricultural field on the terraced slope intercepted by streams along with territory of forests are the milestone of South Sikkim.

Uncomplicated lives of religious village people, many of the ancient monasteries, vast scenic beauties and harmony of the region make it an essential part in Sikkim for tourism standpoint. South Sikkim can be an idyllic spot for travelers looking for innovative destinations, which are yet to be occupied by the distinctive current tourism concept.

Infrastructures of Sikkim Tourism, although not equivalent with star class facilities obtainable in modern towns, are fast on the increase with basic and comfy amenities. Namchi is the district head quarter of South Sikkim which is a significant trading center.

The mainly important tourism target in South Sikkim that has been freshly developed and recently opened for the tourists is Ravangla. Renowned for its serene environment and prominent vision of snow-capped mountains of Khanchenjungha, Ravangla is well linked by motorable road from Gangtok (65 kms) Namchi (32kms) and Siliguri about (120kms).

At the moment, South Sikkim has developed into an idyllic destination for short trekking routs and hitchhiking. A huge number of tourists from the western countries who visits the position are a witness to that. It also offers possibility for adventure sport lovers, in the variety of kayaking and rafting in the waters of Rangeet and Teesta rivers. These and a thriving tourism industry put together South Sikkim an exhilarating new destination for tourists in particular those with affluent and disposable income.

Namchi - South Sikkim

Namchi which means Sky High is the district head quarter of South Sikkim. Located on lofty valley at a height of 4300ft and encircled by the hills Namchi is one of the less jam-packed towns in Sikkim.

Namchi is the sole commander of the panoramic view of the Darjeeling, Kalimpong hills and snowcapped mountains with huge stretches of valley. At an expanse of 78kms from Gangtok and 100 Kms from the town of Siliguri with high-quality road link Namchi is a pleasant place for petite stay and village excursions.

Namchi is tidy, hygienic and developing fast into a tourist target for its serene environment and natural beauty of nature.

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