Friday, December 18, 2009

Calangute Beach, Goa

Nearly 45 minute bus trip up to the coast from the city of Panjim fetch one to Calangute, most busy and commercialized resort of Goa, and the flagship of the bid of state Government for a superior segment of package tourist pie of India. This serene fishing village was a favorite hiding place of the hippies in the 70's and 80's. In the present day, Calangute beach symbolizes Goa's repute as a safe place for beach and coastal splendors.

Shopping at Calangute Beach

The road from the town to the beach is creased with boutiques of Kashmiri handicraft and Tibetan stalls on promotion of Himalayan ornaments and jewellery. The superiority of the possessions primarily Rajasthani, Gujarati and Karnatakan textiles - is by and large lofty. Bargain hard and never be scared to walk away from a weighty sales pitch - the identical substance crops up each Wednesday at flea market of Anjuna.

Vacation at Calnagute Beach

The beach itself is not anything extraordinary, with sharply shelving sand, but is further than large adequate to provide accommodation to the massive numbers of high-season guests.

Heading about fifteen minutes south of the key beachfront area, towards the rows of elderly wooden boats moored underneath the dunes. In this practically hawker-free region, one will merely come crossways teams of villagers carrying in hand nets at soaring tide or fishermen setting up their tack beneath bamboo sun shake.

Water Sports at Calangute

Calangute as well makes a wonderful beach site if one wants to pamper in several water sports activities. Parasailing, water skiing, wind surfing at the Calangute beach begins in the afternoon whilst the wind is blowing just in the accurate direction and it carries on until sunset.

Eating out Joints and Restaurants

Bars and restaurants of Calangute are largely grouped in the region of the entry to the beach and the length of the Baga road. As with nearly all Goan resorts, the accent is definitely on appealing seafood, though various places furthermore serve vegetarian dishes. Western breakfasts as well feature significantly at various of the restaurants in Calangute.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Calangute's nightlife is astonishingly restrained and provides a fastidious split from the parties in their natural habitat at Anjuna. Every single one but a handful of the bars wrap up by 10.00 pm. One distinguished exemption is Tito's at the Baga ending of the beach, which remains open until later than midnight in the off season and into the minute hours in delayed December and January.

The supplementary places that over and over again stay open in the course of the night at Calangute are a couple of hippy hangout in the forest to the south of the beach road. Pete's Bar, a persistent favorite next door to Angela P. Fernandes, is normally the most lively, offering reasonably priced drinks, back gammon sets along with unremitting reggae. Auxiliary a field, Bob's Inn, flanked by Calangute and Candolim beaches, is a further trendy bar.

Attractions in the region of Calangute Beach

Kerkar Art Gallery
Located at close nearness is the Kerkar Art Gallery, display the paintings and sculptures of a variety of brilliant, impending artists of Goa. The gallery in addition hosts a night of Indian music along with dance, just the once every week.

Church Of St. Alex:
As the huge tourist passage on the CHOGM road reach the village location of Calangute, the Church of St Alex welcomes the visitors with its twin towers and a splendid dome which grace the fascia. In the interior of the church is an exhibit of the line and exquisiteness of its architectural technique and gorgeous altars.

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