Sunday, August 23, 2009

Best Beach Destination - Salento, South Italy

Salento is the region in the'heel' of the foot of Italy. As it is one of the furthest points of Italy, the weather there is excellent and incredibly reliable in the summer months. Not the most well known region in Italy, but certainly one of the best holiday destinations if you want a good relaxing holiday at the beach away from the reems of English tourists that flock to other Italian holiday destinations.

The region is extremely popular with Italians themselves, with many heading down to Salento from the Northern cities like Rome and Milan for their own summer holidays. The region has a great variety of beaches, such as those at Torre del Orso and Laghi Alimini - all with good facilities and bars if you fancy a few Heinekens on the beach while you soak up the sun.

Torre del Orso Beach, Salento, Italy

Otranto is one of the main towns in Salento, a historical coastal town with abit more for tourists to do such as looking round the backstreets within the castle, brimming with little Italian stalls selling clothes, crafts and food. There are some excellent restaurants and bars in Otranto too although prices are slightly higher than other areas. Panorama bar is a cool bar right down on the rocks in the harbour - a soundtrack of pumping house beats the background to a few relaxing cocktails looking out into the sea.

At night, Salento comes alive with parties popping up everywhere along the coast. The Italians love their raggae and house music with many big artists and DJ's coming to play there, such as Shaggy, Erick Rorillo and Erol Alkan. A large amount of the action takes place in beach bars and clubs scattered around the coast which helps create an electric atmosphere for many of the nights.

Salento provides a good mix of activities in both day and night. The beaches in the region are of top quality, and are an excellent way to spend the day relaxing after a late night at a beach party. Overall it is one of the best holiday destinations if you want a great holiday a little different from your usual package holiday to Benidorm.

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