Sunday, February 8, 2009

Romantic Holiday Destinations

Valentines Day is rapidly approaching, you still havn't booked a restaurant and the presents you ordered off Amazon still havn't come yet...looks like the doghouse for you son. But wait....perhaps the promise of a nice romantic holiday would solve all your problems and earn you plenty of brownie points. But where to take her? There are just too many romantic holiday destinations to choose from, the last thing you want is to end up back in the doghouse after she finds out you've taken her to Grimsby.

So what are the most romatic holiday destinations? Below are a few suggestions of places to take your loved one for a romantic break.

Paris - the ultimate city of romance. If the beatiful river, the stunning architecture, the delightful food and top-notch wine don't bring out the love in you, then a trip up the Eiffel Tower probably won't either- you might as well go to Grimsby after all.

Rome - Italy has a certain charm to it that is certain to appeal to a couple in love. The cafes and restaurants shout out romance. One tip - don't go in August - the heat could cause you're partners make-up to run. Avoid such disasters by sticking to slightly cooler summer months.

Morocco - there's something incredibly exotic and mysterious about Morocco that gives it alot of appeal as a romantic holiday destination. Casablanca and Marrakesh are good places to visit - the sounds and smells of these cities should have you in each others arms.

Bali, Thailand - this beautiful coastal resort could easily be the backdrop for any romantic movie. Aside from the idyllic beaches, there are a host of other activities to partake in as a couple, like snorkeling, skuba diving and kayaking. Thailand's tropical climate only helps cement its appeal as a romantic destination.

Bahamas - another classic romantic destination. Nothing but white sands, blue seas and warming sunshine to distract you from your other half - pure relaxation. Take your pick from the 700 islands.

These are just a few of the best holiday destinations for romance that you could go to as a couple - just do some research before you go to ensure your romantic trip doesn't end in a disaster.

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